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Elecrometallorgical Plant

We produce steel abrasives, use optimizes metal surfaces manufacturing processin against sand up to 400%, against Copper Slag up to 300%, against fraction of other producers up to 50%. At the same time quality of the processed surface increases, time for processing is reduced, equipment service life increases.
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История завода — 17 лет уверенного роста!

Уральский электрометаллургический завод спроектирован и построен как специализированное предприятие по выпуску стальной технической дроби для предприятий машиностроительной, металлообрабатывающей, металлургической и иных отраслей промышленности. В нач. XXI века стальная дробь стала оптимальным и экологическим решением подготовки поверхности.


In 2002 the manufacturing complex was completly built in the city of Nizhniy Tagil. Technologists, production engineers, metallurgists came from all over the country amd made a new group ( the best group)


The first production of steel shot took place. Uralvagonzavod was the first customer using a more effective steel shot instead of iron pig shot


The producing of improved abrazive was exploited. In 2006 voluntary certification was made, the expert qualification of quality was get. Supply location is Russia, CIS and EU.


Due to usage of new equpment the producing of steel grit was incrised. The representative office was opened in Poland


The contracts of representatvice in Belorussia and kazahstan was signed.Destribution in Russia, CIS and EU was increased.


The line of mini packing for foreign and domestic markets was introduced. Since that the production has been made according to the state standard specifications 11964-81 and SAE J 827 standards


2014 the patented technology of heat treatment of fractionwas was introduced. In 2015 Quality management system conforms to the ISO 9001-2008 international standard. Production corresponds to ISO 11124

High-growth development

Uralelectrometallorgical plant following centuris-old traditions of Ural Mettalorgical work always develops and improves the manufacturing, increasing destribution all over the world.

The Warehouses in the world

Abrazive Selection

Delivery all over the world.

Specialists of the Engineering Center will choose the right abrasive according the needs and the equipment (cleaning, consolidation, preparation, filling). They may come to set up the equipment, will provide training of workers.